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Did you know that the #1 risk to a strong financial future is having a negative life event, like a heart attack, stroke or cancer? About two-thirds of the bankruptcies in the United States are medical bill related. 

When building a house, you first construct a strong foundation. It’s the same with your financial house. Living Benefits are a key part of your financial foundation. 

We’ve made it our business to be connected to a strong network of companies that offer Living Benefits, a newer version of life insurance (the kind you don’t have to die to use!) that keeps your financial household intact if you have a critical illness or critical injury. Living Benefits takes away the financial stress and lets you concentrate on healing. 

While health insurance covers medical expenses, it doesn’t usually cover all costs associated with a critical illness, such as co-pays, uncovered medical bills, transportation, home modifications, or lost income while a person is recovering. Living benefits fills these gaps and ensures you have the resources needed for all aspects of your recovery.

These funds can help you cover medical expenses, treatment costs, a mortgage, everyday living expenses, or anything else you choose. And the money comes out completely tax free.

Without living benefits, you may be forced to rely on personal savings, sell assets, or go into debt to cover medical expenses and maintain your lifestyle during a critical illness. 

Knowing that you have Living Benefits as part of your life insurance coverage provides peace of mind, both for you and your loved ones. It allows you to focus on recovery rather than worrying about the financial implications of a critical illness or critical injury.

We can help you determine if you already have the full range of Living Benefits as part of a current life insurance policy or help you figure out the appropriate coverage and ensure that it aligns with your overall financial plan and needs.

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