About The Lavelle Group

Kristin and Patrick enjoy working together as a mother-son team and complement each other’s strengths and approaches. Kristin’s depth of knowledge and experience in finance allow her to provide effective and creative strategies for clients. She’s skilled at deeply listening to people, discerning what’s most important to them and creating solutions to meet their needs. Patrick takes the lead on financial education, sharing important financial fundamentals. He also wants everyone to know about something newer to the market – Living Benefits. Having experienced a significant medical life event himself increased his already strong passion to help others in this way.

Meet Our Team

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Kristin Lavelle

Kristin began her financial career a number of years ago and brings a depth of financial knowledge and understanding, creating solutions to put clients at ease. Early in her career, after receiving a master’s degree in finance and working in corporate finance, she knew she could make a greater and more important impact serving individuals and small businesses. Her passion is providing financial guidance to others in a way that helps people feel good about their money. That is possible!

When not working, you’ll find Kristin hiking or running on a mountain trail, enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends, reading a non-fiction book, playing poker, or exploring new places in the U.S. and abroad.

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Patrick Lavelle

To complement Patrick’s natural ability to see the whole financial picture and provide unique solutions, he adds fun and personality to the equation. As a co-leader of our signature financial education event (Money 101), Patrick often combines this with one of his other passions – craft chocolate! Ask him more about this! Patrick is also an expert in Living Benefits, one of the most important ways people can protect their financial household. 

When not working, look for Patrick on the golf course, basketball court, bike riding, or chatting with friends – old and new – at a local coffee shop.

Five Rings Financial

Five Rings Financial is a nationwide company that was founded on this simple yet groundbreaking objective: to educate Americans in the art of how money works and support them in their financial stability and growth. At the heart of the company is serving clients and upholding their best interests at all times. The goal is to help them feel empowered and to achieve the financial success and future that they desire. The Lavelle Group is a company of Five Rings Financial, very much aligned with the values of the larger company. We believe that personal finance doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing, but that, with an experienced guide, it can open up possibilities for your future and move you in the direction of financial security and success. 

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